Collector cars: Maintenance and repairs in Bordeaux

Auto Collection Sport (ACS) preparation workshop based in Bordeaux, specialising in collector, sports and vintage cars, provides a complete range of customised maintenance and repair services geared to these prestige vehicles carried out by a competent and qualified team. We can take care of restoring your upholstery, replacing parts with original parts and manufacturing machined parts. In addition, we have space available for secure storage of your sports car in Bordeaux.
Trust us to sell your collector cars after a careful examination and a list of the necessary work to be carried out which will allow future buyers to be reassured about their purchases.

Service d'entretien et réparation de voitures de luxe à Bordeaux

Pro Service

Our teams are qualified to take care of collector cars

Entretien, réparation et maintenance des voitures de collection à Bordeaux


We provide full maintenance services for sports cars

Entretien des peintures carosserie des voitures de luxes


Paint maintenance for luxury cars

Entretien des suspensions des voitures anciennes à Bordeaux


Suspension maintenance for vintage cars

Ponts élévateurs pour entretient et réparation des voitures de prestige

Car lift bridges

We have 2 car lift bridges for prestige cars

Entretien des filtres à air des véhicules de collection à Bordeaux

Air Filter

Maintenance of air filters in collector vehicles

Vidange des voitures de collection à Bordeaux

Oil changes

We carry out oil changes for luxury vehicles

Contrôle entretien et révisio des véhicules de prestige à Bordeaux


Roadworthiness tests for luxury vehicles