Autos Collection Sport (ACS) offers an innovative and exclusive service for owners of vintage cars : secure storage of collector and prestige cars in Bordeaux.

Car owners can benefit from dedicated services for their prestige cars by enjoying only the advantages, without the disadvantages of safekeeping and storing exceptional vehicles.

If you own a classic vintage car or a luxury sports car and want to leave your car with total peace of mind, Autos Collection Sport (ACS) can cater to your storage requirements for collector and prestige cars in Bordeaux.
Whether you travel for business or pleasure, whether you lack space, have an outdoor parking space or are concerned about weather conditions, we have your vehicle storage solution. Autos Collection Sport (ACS)offers to take care of these constraints at your request by providing secure storage for vintage and collector cars in Bordeaux to leave you only the pleasure of owning and driving your exceptional vehicle.

At the Autos Collection Sport (ACS) garage, we offer a service including safekeeping and secure storage of your classic vintage cars or sports cars on a monthly or annual basis in Bordeaux including:

  • A protected space with a 200 sqm showroom which is air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter, protected from humidity.
  • A secure interior space equipped with an alarm with rapid intervention in the event of a security breach.
  • A closed, screened outdoor car park with a removable bollard at the level of the garage doors.
  • • Insurance against theft, fire and water damage.

Autos Collection Sport possède un Parking extérieur sécurisé grillagé
Autos Collection Sport propose un Accès sécurisé avec parking grillagé et borne amovible devant les portes de garage
Autos Collection Sport possède un Système d'alarme intérieur
Autos Collections Sport propose un showroom protégé et climatisé

In addition to safekeeping and secure storage of your classic vintage car or sports car, Autos Collection Sport (ACS) offers regular services that are either included or can be selected as an option during storage,before you collect your exceptional vehicle when you choose, by giving us advance notice:

Ponts élévateurs pour entretient et réparation des voitures de prestige


Included or optional with our collector car storage service

Collect your classic car at any time, ready for the road.

  • Checking tyre pressure, headlights and levels (oil, water, windscreen washer fluid, coolant)
  • Battery charge maintenance and charging
  • Regular start-up and test drives
Entretien des peintures carosserie des voitures de luxes


Included or optional with our collector car storage service

Collect your vintage car as clean inside and out as if you had just bought it.

  • Interior washing and cleaning by hand: vacuuming, windows, polishing of upholstery and leather
  • Exterior washing and maintenance by hand: bodywork polishing, chromes, paintwork
Entretien, réparation et maintenance des voitures de collection à Bordeaux


Included or optional with our collector car storage service

Make sure your prestige or sports car is up to date with all maintenance and repair work.

  • Bodywork maintenance and repair: sheet metal work, dent removal, replacement of parts
  • Mechanical maintenance and repairs: oil change, air filter, engine preparation, adjustment of parts, suspensions

Ask for a quote for our luxury and vintage car storage service. The price will be calculated based on the services requested: duration of safekeeping, storage and related services.

Autos Collection Sport (ACS) undertakes to reply within 48 hours for our collector car storage service.